Module 01: Ontario's Evaluation Context

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Course Curriculum

Module One: The Evaluation Context
Welcome to Module 1
Online Program Evaluation Certificate Outline
Pre-Evaluation Survey
Introductory Webinar Video: Jan 8, 2020
Frequently Asked Questions
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Lesson 01: The Ontario Youth Sector
Downloadable Lecture Slides
Lecture 01A: Stepping Up Framework for Youth Wellbeing
Lecture 01B: Evaluation and Action in Ontario’s Youth Sector
Ask an Expert: Program Evaluation Basics by Transforming Youth Outdoors
Youth Sector Leaders: Perspectives on Evaluation
Stepping Up Executive Summary
YouthREX Beyond Measure: At-A-Glance Mini Report
Reflect and Share: Discussion Board
Reflect and Share: Discussion Board
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Lesson 02: What, Why & How? The Fundamentals of Program Evaluation of Youth Wellbeing
Downloadable Lecture Slides
Lecture 02A: Evaluation 101
Lecture 02B: YouthREX Framework for Evaluating Youth Wellbeing
Lecture 02C: The Politics of Evaluation
Lesson 02D: Ethical Considerations in Program Evaluations
Replacing Dead Link
Measuring Impact- Samantha Yamada at TEDxYorkU 2012
10 Things to Know About Evaluation
The YouthREX Framework for Evaluating Youth Wellbeing
Three Videos on Evaluation Lenses​ (Lecture 02B)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Informed Consent In Program Evaluations
Guidelines for Conducting Research with People who are Homeless-York University
Reflect and Share: Discussion Board
Reflect and Share: Discussion Board
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Post-Module Feedback Survey
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Course description

Module One provides an overview of evaluation in this context. It also provides an overview of key evaluation concepts that frame the certificate.
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Youth REX
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YouthREX’s vision is an Ontario where shared knowledge is transformed into positive impact for all youth and the mission is to make research evidence and evaluation practices accessible and relevant to Ontario’s grassroots youth sector through capacity building, knowledge mobilization and evaluation leadership.

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