Module 02: The Discovery Phase of Evaluation

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Course Curriculum

Module Two: The Discovery Phase of Evaluation
Welcome to Module 2
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Lesson 03: Pre-Evaluation Check up
Downloadable Lecture Slides
Lecture 03A: Understanding your Program's Capacity for Evaluation
Lecture 03B: Engaging Stakeholders in Evaluation
Lecture 03C: Engaging Youth in Evaluation
Lecture 03D: What We Learned about Engaging Youth in Program Evaluation: A Case Study
Program Evaluation: How To Do It?​
Engaging Youth In Research And Evaluation: Benefits For Youth & Organizations
Lecture 03D Resource
Stakeholder Planning Matrix (cue card)
Stakeholder Identification (cue card)
Stakeholder Analysis
Reflect and Share: Discussion Board
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Lesson 04: Understanding Your Program Using Logic Modules
Downloadable Lecture Slides
Lecture 04A: Understanding your Program
Lecture 04B: Understanding your Program Theory-Using Program Logic Models
DIY Toolkit: Theory Of Change
Can life be logical? Lucia Cucinotta at TEDxTiznit
Checklist: Critical Elements in a High-Quality Logic Model
W.K. Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide
Logic Model Template
Utilizing Logic Models for Program Design and Evaluation
Reflect and Share: Discussion Board
Reflect and Share: Discussion Board
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Post Module Feedback Survey
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Course description

Module two focuses on the Discovery Phase and will lead you on a discovery quest to explore and better understand your program and the resources it might need for an evaluation journey.
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