The workshop will explore strategies for supporting youth to question and challenge oppressive systems and structural barriers.

Workshop Overview

    1. Anti-Oppressive Practice in Youth Work

    1. 1. Anti-Oppressive Practice

    2. 2. Anti-Black Racism: Community Struggle, Resistance and Affirmation

    3. 3. Islamophobia

    4. 4. Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth

    5. 5. Indigenous Perspectives

    6. Learn More

    1. Workshop Feedback

    1. Join the Conversation

About this workshop

  • Free
  • 9 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Anti-oppression is the lens through which one understands how race, gender, sexual orientation, and identity, ability, age, class, occupation, and social service usage, can result in systemic inequalities for particular groups. Anti-oppressive practice (AOP) refers to engaging in work that critically examines how social structures and social institutions work to create and perpetuate the oppression and marginalization of those who have been identified as not belonging to the dominant group.