Learn from our instructors how trauma affects young people, and how healing-centered engagement can advance our work with young people.

Workshop Overview

    1. Trauma-Informed Youth Work

    1. 1. From Trauma-Informed Care to Healing-Centered Engagement

    2. 2. Trauma-Informed Youth Work

    3. 3. Self-Care and the Spirit of Resilience

    4. Assessment Tool: Self Care, Compassion Fatigue & Youth Work

    5. Learn More

    1. Workshop Feedback

    1. Join the Conversation

About this Workshop

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  • 8 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

“Healing-centered engagement is a non-clinical, strength-based approach that advances a holistic view of healing and re-centers culture and identity as a central feature in wellbeing.”

– Dr. Shawn Ginwright