This workshop comes from  YouthREX's Using Spreadsheets in Program Evaluation Certificate which provides the Ontario youth sector with a foundational understanding of the main concepts, approaches and practices relevant to conducting an evaluation of a youth program, and use the findings to improve their programs and share their impact.

Workshop Overview

    1. Workshop Overview

    1. Lecture 1: Data Visualization Using Spreadsheets

    2. Lecture 2: Data Storytelling Using Spreadsheets

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    1. Feedback Survey

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About this workshop

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“We regularly gather data and feedback, but our process of closing the feedback loop with the young people who support in providing their thoughts can get tricky. Oftentimes our reports are geared for funders. This sampler was a great reminder of how to tailor data to audiences - it had some really great tips and tricks for presenting data in visually engaging ways so that youth can connect with and understand the process and results better”.
- Data Visualization Sampler Participant